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Kodak Ngenuity Series Scanners

Kodak Ngenuity 9150

Document management has never been simpler than with the Kodak Ngenuity 9150. This multi-document scanner has the ability to scan a wide range of documents including: rice paper, plastic cards, stuffed envelopes, cardstock, photos and EKG strips. With daily duty cycles up to 150,000 pages and output of up to 150 ppm, document management is streamlined and workflow is improved.
  • Outputs documents at speeds up to 150 ppm in B&W, color and grayscale
  • Rotary and “straight pass through” paper paths accommodate the widest range of documents
  • Auto-adjustable feeder tray holds 700 documents to save you time
  • LED lights require no warm-up time and typically last the life of the scanner
  • VirtualReScan provides professional image enhancement

Kodak Ngenuity 9125

Whether you are scanning documents, EKG strips, card stock, photos or rice paper the Kodak Ngenuity 9125 has you covered. This is the document imaging management solution you have been waiting for. It scans documents in color, grayscale and B&W at speeds up to 125 ppm and features a daily duty cycle of 125,000 scans. In addition to its robust handling, the Ngenuity 9125 is easy to install, use and maintain. 
  • Scans B&W, color and grayscale at speeds up to 125 ppm and offers a daily duty cycle of 125,000 scans.
  • Versatile document imaging, management and scanning with the flexibility of two paper paths: straight pass-through and rotary.
  • 700 document capacity auto-adjustable feeder tray holds up to 40% more sheets than other scanners in its class.
  • VirtualReScan offers professional image enhancement and error resolution without negatively impacting the output speed.

Kodak Ngenuity 9090DB

It’s the extras that add up to make the Ngenuity 9090DB a big winner. In addition to fast speeds, this business document scanner features smart paper handling and large feeder tray capacity to improve efficiency. Equipped with two paper paths for easier and more efficient scanning, the Ngenuity 9090 is also outfitted with SharpShooter™ Trilinear CCD cameras. When the cameras join forces with the document scanner’s white LED lights, you’re guaranteed high-quality digital images every time. 
  • Two paper paths ensure handling of a wide range of document shapes and sizes.
  • A high capacity feeder holds 700 documents for more scanning and less loading.
  • A “Multifeed Ignore” feature allows you to accept scanned images and continue scanning or preemptively accept an intended multi-feed.
  • Easily connect to Ngenuity Operator Utility, a handy tool that lets you track the total number of scans, monitor maintenance schedules and access cleaning menus for your business document scanner.

Kodak Ngenuity 9090DC

Kodak document imaging solutions deliver an unprecedented combination of speed, quality and capacity all in a user friendly design. The Ngenuity 9090DC offers 40% more paper capacity than other scanners in its class and is reliable to boot. Move more information faster, at speeds up to 70 ppm with Kodak document imaging and the 9090 DC.
  • Fast, reliable output at speeds up to 70 ppm in color and B&W.
  • Scans a wide range of documents including rice paper, plastic cards, stuffed envelopes, cardstock, photos and EKG strips.
  • Straight pass-through paper paths accommodate documents that don’t fit through the rotary path.
  • Auto-adjustable feeder tray accommodates up to 700 documents – 40% more than other scanners in its class.
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